“Colleen’s demonstrated experience in public policy and governmental relations has established her as a seasoned public servant.”

-California Governor Gavin Newsom

Hon. Emily Murase, President, San Francisco Board of Education

“The first time I ran for school board I lost. The next time, I knew that Colleen was the consultant I needed to win. I was thrilled when she agreed to run my campaign and I won a highly contested race! Colleen coached my presentations, helped me hire great campaign staff and obtain key endorsements, adapted the campaign plan as the political landscape changed, and wrote excellent campaign mail for me that really resonated with my audience.” 

- Hon. Emily Murase, Former President , SF Board of Education

"Colleen Crowley is insightful, smart, and a team builder who innately understands the political dynamics needed for success.  She was an indispensable member of my election teams and I'd surely want her to be involved in the future."  

- Hon. Rod Diridon, Former Chair
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

"I had the pleasure of working with Colleen when I was first tapped to serve as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Her knowledge of the legislative process was critical to my ability to hit the ground running in serving our residents."

-Hon. Carmen Chu, San Francisco's Citywide elected Assessor-Recorder

"Early on, I learned a lot from Colleen about the office that I currently hold. I still remember many of the tips she provided me when I first started out in the legislative branch of government."

-Hon. Katy Tang, Former Member, San Francisco Board of Supervisors